British Rapidplay Chess Championships 2011
Saturday 23rd / Sunday 24th November 2013
Gandhi Hall, James Graham Building,
Leeds Metropolitan University,
Beckett’s Park Campus,
Headingley LS6 3QS [map]

An English Chess Federation supported Grand Prix event | Entries - Steve Burton (0113) 2568157
Tournament Secretary - Brent Kitson
For more detailed maps of the venue - click HERE and HERE

Congratulations to IM Jonathan Hawkins, BRCC Open Champion 2012 ...

For a zipped file of all the PGNs (Rounds 1-11) click here | For a list of entrants - click here

British Rapidplay Open Champion 2012 - IM Jonathan Hawkins (Consett) - 9/11
Jonathan Hawkins, Open Winner, with Bruce Holland
Stephen Gordon, Open Runner-up with Bruce
and Alex McFarlane

The main results ...  

Open Section
1) Jonathan Hawkins IM 9/11
2) Stephen J Gordon GM 8.5/11
3=) Danny Gormally GM 8/11
3=) James Cobb 8/11
5) Craig Hanley IM 7.5/11
6=) Sophie Milliet (Fr) WGM 7/11
6=) Robert Willmoth 7/11
6=) Joseph McPhillips 7/11

Major Section
1) Philip J Olbison 9/11
2) Nathan Talbot 8.5/11
3) Jake Manton 8/11

Intermediate Section
1) Michael McDonagh 8.5/11
2=) Okiemute Ogirigbo 8/11
2=) Richard Desmedt 8/11
2=) Andrew Cowan 8/11

Minor Section
1) Angelica Dean 9.5/11
2) Philip May 8.5/11
3) Karam Sangha 8.5/11

Junior British Rapidplay – Sunday
Stephen Chung 4/5 Jun U/16
Koby Kalavannan 4/5 Jun U/12
Jacob C. Boswell 4/5 Jun U/12
Liam Reed 4/5 Jun U/12
Dominic Klingher 4/5 Jun U/10

England U11 Trial Qualifier
1) Matthew Forster 5/5
2) Thomas McLaren 4.5/5
3) Dominic Klingher 4.5/5

Top U16 Saturday Junior
Hambel Willow 3.5/5

All other results will be via the crosstables

Last year's 25th Anniversary British Rapidplay Chess Champion -
GM Gawain Jones
Gawain was also recently voted ECF Player of the Year 2012 - follow this link to learn more
You can also visit Gawain's website here

Gawain Jones - winner

British Rapidplay Chess 1986-2012 - a little bit of history

Dear chess lovers - welcome back, and here we are in Leeds just after the 2012 British Rapidplay Chess Championships have concluded. Here is a bit of background for you ...

The country’s premier weekend chess rapidplay event started back in 1986. It was mainly set up through the work of Nick Nixon from Leeds, who continues to coach youngsters at chess. Tetley's Brewery and the Yorkshire Post sponsored the first event, which took place at The Queen’s Hotel, Leeds, donating a generous several thousand pounds.

The winner of that first event with 11/11 was Nigel Short. The event continued, and saw many fine winners including John Nunn, Murray Chandler, Nigel Davies, Mark Hebden and William Watson. Further sponsorship came from the National Westminster Bank, thanks to Bill Hartston. However, the event disappeared in 1993 along with all its sponsors. In 1994 the event returned to The Leeds Metropole, when I (Brent Kitson) first got involved. My colleague and friend, Bernard Hare of Leeds Chess Club, had encouraged me to do a congress at Leeds University, and I took up the challenge of a bigger event when the British Rapidplay tournament lost money in 1994. Since 1995 I’ve been at the helm, with Steve and Mike (whom I’ll mention shortly) ...